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Too Wise Too Young

The First Testimony of The Young Seer
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About the author

Jhani Travette is somewhat of an elusive figure to many people. He went viral as a teen after posting video clips of his public speaking engagements but disappeared abruptly as he was about to enter college. Internet curiosity surrounding him spiked in 2020 when those who followed his work began to realize that his Facebook posts were not merely poetic; they were bona fide prophecies. His messages, sometimes poetry and sometimes prose, accurately foretold the notable events that occurred in the nation after December 2019, when the novel coronavirus struck. Time unveiled his perceptive abilities and his profound grasp on the issues of the day. His ability to deconstruct social and political phenomena made him a voice of clarity in turbulent times.


Still, a few social media posts can only go but so far toward solving the problems currently facing the world. So Jhani Travette is returning to contribute his voice in the public arena. His compelling new book, Too Wise Too Young: The First Testimony of The Young Seer, takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery while evaluating popular belief systems on their merit, especially those upon which rests Western society. More importantly, Jhani introduces principles and a life orientation that he believes will define the future - a system of thought that could enhance anyone's ability to foresee life's eventualities.

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